“We are proud to bring you the brand Deryan in South Africa”!

The world over, Deryan, is well known for their award-winning travel cots and travel accessories for babies and young children and we are proud to bring their signature range to the South African market. Gone are the days where hours are spent wrestling a travel cot back into a cumbersome box. With Deryan, your travel cot will ‘pop up’ as if by magic – ensuring you, and your child, get a peaceful night’s sleep, no matter where you are.


Endless Possibilities

The Deryan Pop-Up Travel Cot can be used in many ways both indoors and outdoors:


Featured Products


Sleeping Boat Carrycot

As every new parent knows, sleep makes the world go around. Deryan understands this and have developed the Sleeping Boat carrycot for all parents with a newborn to one year old.

Easy to transport, cosy and super comfortable, we are sure it’ll be put to great use.

Ideal from newborn to one years old.

Available in: Grey


Peuter Luxe

One of the best-selling in the award-winning Deryan range, the Peuter Luxe is a superb choice when looking for a travel cot.

It’s super lightweight, pops up as if by magic and can be packed away in a minute. Peuter Luxe travel cot is a sleep and play dream for all young children.

Ideal from one to four years old.

Available in: Ocean Green, Red, Silver, Khaki


Peuter Box

There’s one thing that every parent knows: sleep makes the world go around. With the signature travel cot from Deryan, the Peuter Box, travelling with a baby or small child is a dream.

Compact, portable, comfortable and lightweight, the Peuter Box, is the crème de la crème when it comes to travel cots and it literally pops up in seconds.

Ideal from birth to four years old.

Available in: Silver, Khaki/Sand